Mrs Gallery 1.14.23

New Paintings - Jan - March 2020

Museum of Art & Design  5.22 - 6.22

Flower Craft
Opens May 14th - June 26th 2022
I've co-curated this amazing roster of cutting edge floral artists with head curator and Deputy Director at the Museum of Arts and Design - Elissa Auther.
 - weekly floral installations by the country's most talented floral visionaries
 - master classes and one of a kind of events to prebook online
 - I'll be also teaching a floral ink drawing drawing class open to the public

Fast Slow Disco

Nov 14 - Dec 18th 2021
Opening Nov 14th 3-5 pm

Mandarin Plaza 
970 N Broadway, #204
Los Angeles, CA 90012

A Vase is a Vase is a Vase

July 15th - August 21st, 2021

Paintings and Photo collaborations at Jeff Marfa @ 107 Dean St, Marfa TX