My paintings are about inspiring hope in a dying natural world through the symbolic representation of flowers. The botanical themes of regeneration, transformation and growth - from the poetic to the personal, are the basis of my thoughts and creative expression.

These recent paintings evolved from my decades-long work as a professional florist, as well as sketches of pressed flora from Emily Dickinson’s herbarium at the Harvard library, and gouache studies of ice age plants currently flowering in Siberian petri dishes: the 32,000 year old Silene stenophylla seeds were extracted from prehistoric squirrel’s nest and successfully regrown in 2012.

The drawings converged on canvas with paint intuitively, by way of thin color washes, chiaroscuro lighting and daubs of oil pastel. What emerged was a nocturnal ecosystem of semi-abstract forms merging Dickinson’s “wallflowers” with anthropomorphic plants sprouting in the cosmos.

By exploring the idea that painting is a constant process of reinvention and self preservation, my work represents a conceptual space for visual contemplation that is part garden, part library and botanist Sci-fi laboratory. Perhaps also, the paintings suggest the metaphorical potential of choice — to be frozen seeds awaiting a future world or to 'take root' and create a new one from within.

                                                                                                       Photo Credit - Willy Somma